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Not in the mood? Why sexual desire can dwindle

From CBS News, September 25, 2013

While people often reminisce about their youthful romps, the bedroom door can slam shut...

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Pearls & Pumps Fundraiser a Success!


The Pearls & Pumps fundraiser in Louisville on February 11th was a great success. 400 people attended Pearls & Pumps and raised over $78,000 for the minimally invasive surgery programs at Baptist Hospitals. Dr. Lori Warren introduced Pass the Pearls and spoke about its mission. Also unveiled was the Pass the Pearls jewelry collection, which blended in very nicely with the jewelry and spring fashion trends at the show. Pass the Pearls was able to donate $3,000 to the Baptist Hospital Foundation. Overall, it was a great day for increasing awareness for minimally invasive surgery!

Pictured: Sandra Smith, Fran Gordinier, Carolyn Orbelle, Sue Tamme

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Dr. McCarus, why do you...

I am thrilled with the purpose of Pass the Pearls as there is so much...
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Dr. Warren

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I had my hysterectomy and ovaries removed last year and I’m not taking HRT - as I’m 50 years old. I’ve noticed that fine lines have begun to appear on my face and the texture of my skin has changed. Is this something that is related to my HRT? Menop

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Hormonal aging begins with the decline in...
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